We have compiled a searchable library of documents, toolkits and websites that will be useful for anyone interested in Kentucky’s obesity efforts. This library will be updated as new resources become available.

Kentucky Obesity Fact Sheet [PDF]*updated October 2016*
Find out the current nutrition, physical activity indicators as well as the status of obesity in Kentucky.
5210 Healthy Numbers for Kentucky Families
  • 5210 Webinar
  • Downloadable PDFs of posters, brochures, activity ideas, coloring pages and parent activities
  • To order additional free 5210 resources, email Rebekah.Duchette@ky.gov

America Walks Final Report and Recommendations for Collaborative Workshops on Walkable Kentucky Communities 2015 [PDF]
America Walks selected Kentucky as a host for workshops around building walkable communities. After the visit, they provided a final report with extensive recommendations for the committee to further their work.
CDC 1305 Grant - Program Updates [PDF]*updated May 2016*
An overview of state-level strategies and actions funded through the CDC 1305 grant. Areas cover breastfeeding, early care and education, schools, worksites, farmers' markets, and pedestrian planning.
Child Care Setting and Physical Activity Manual [PDF]
This manual provides adults who work with children opportunities and ideas for integrating different physical activity breaks throughout the classroom.
Community Farm Alliance
  • Community Food Assessments
  • Double Dollars Program
  • Farmers' Market Support Program
  • Kentucky Food Policy Network

Early Care and Education Healthy Numbers Book List [PDF]
This list of books includes titles that are address the 5210 healthy behaviors and are arranged by age appropriateness.
Eat Smart Kentucky: Guidelines for Healthy Food and Beverages at Meetings, Gatherings and Events [PDF]
This tool is for anyone who is in charge of food-related events. Making simple changes to food and drink you offer at group and community events gives Kentuckians disease-fighting foods and the energy boost they may need without worrying about too many calories or too much unhealthy fat.
Family Style Dining in Early Care [PDF]
This handout provides a quick guide to best practices around family style dining. The Kentucky Department for Public Health recognizes and supports family style dining when done safely and appropriately.
Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky
  • Kentucky Health Coalitions Directory
  • Health Data Reports
  • Available Grants and Training Opportunities
How to P.L.A.N. for a More Walkable & Bikable Community [PDF]
Pedestrian and Bicycling Travel Plans are the first step to making communities more accommodating for all modes of transportation. Follow these simple steps to help guide your community through the process of creating a detailed plan and getting it adopted by your local government.
Kentucky Department of Agriculture
  • Best Practices for Sampling at Farmers' Markets
  • Farmers' Market Directory
  • Farmers' Market Manual and Resource Guide
  • Farm to School Curriculum, Handbook, and Junior Chef
  • Kentucky Proud Restaurant Rewards
Kentucky Farm to School Handbook
This manual is designed to be a practical tool for school food service directors, farmers and community members interested in feeding Kentucky food to Kentucky kids in Kentucky schools. It is chock full of realistic advice and the most helpful tools we could find to make this important task easier and more commonly practiced.
Kentucky Association of Food Banks
  • Hunger Data and Reports
  • Farm to Food Banks Resources
Kentucky Office of Adventure Tourism
  • Kentucky Trail Town: A How-to-Guide for Communities
  • Trail Town Workbook
  • Application Process for Trail Town Designation
Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
  • Directory of Kentucky Walk/Bike Programs & Groups
  • Kentucky Pedestrian & Bike Policy
  • Federal Guidance & Funding Opportunities
  • Walkability & Bikeability Checklists
  • Resources to Improve Physical Activity in Communities
Kentucky's Vision for Access to Healthy Foods [PDF]
Learn more about Kentucky's plan to improve access to safe, affordable, culturally acceptable and nutritious food that meets dietary needs for an active and healthy life.
Kentucky's Vision for Access to Physical Activity [PDF]
Learn more about Kentucky's plan to improve the walkability of our communities so that all citizens have access to safe, attractive and convenient opportunities for physical activity, whenever and wherever possible.
Kentucky Worksite Wellness Tax Credit: A Health Impact Assessment [PDF]
The purpose of the assessment was to evaluate the potential effects of a worksite wellness tax credit on three main areas of concern for Kentucky: (1) nutrition, physical activity and obesity levels of children whose parents receive Worksite Wellness services, (2) jobs and (3) social cohesion. The report was released in January 2012.
View the full report [PDF]
Kentucky Youth Advocates
  • Kentucky Kids Count: County Data Book
  • BMI Monitoring for School-age Children
  • Complete Streets
  • Shared-Use Agreements
Kentucky's Call to Action for Preventing Obesity in Early Care and Education [PDF]
Learn more about Kentucky's plan to improve the quality and access of healthy foods and beverages, screen time limits, physical activity, and breastfeeding. If your organization wishes to officially endorse the "Call to Action" please complete and return this Pledge Form.
Let's Move! Child Care
  • Let's Move Checklist
  • Interactive Training Modules
  • Obesity Prevention Strategies for Rural Communities
  • Early Care & Education Learning Collaboratives (ECELC) Materials
Microclinic International
  • Spread the Health Appalachia
  • Team Up 4 Health
New Roots
  • Fresh Stops
  • New Roots Veggie Rx Project
Pedestrian Plan Webinar Training - Recorded 12/10/2014 [VIDEO]
Improving Kentuckians' access to physical activity doesn't have to be hard. Watch this 30-minute introductory webinar that explains how you can easily take the first step towards making your community more walkable. Webinar includes information about funding and training opportunities available in 2015.
Shaping Kentucky's Future: A Community Guide to Reducing Obesity, Local Success Stories [PDF]
In addition to statewide policies that support healthy habits, Kentucky clearly needs as many local anti-obesity initiatives as it can muster. That's what this report is about: Kentuckians working within their communities and schools to make sustainable changes in policies, environments and systems-changes that make healthy eating and regular physical activity the easy choice.
Shaping Kentucky's Future: Policies to Reduce Obesity [PDF]
This report is for Kentucky policy makers, leaders, administrators, advocates, health professionals and anyone who cares about the health and future of Kentucky citizens. It is designed to educate and inspire discussion. The policies are intended to be a blueprint for effective action to lower obesity rates in Kentucky.
The Friedell Committee for Health System Transformation
  • A Campaign for a Healthier Kentucky

The Kentucky Breastfeeding Website
  • Coalition Directory
  • Kentucky Breastfeeding Resource Guide
  • Kentucky Breastfeeding Newsletters
  • The Strategic Plan for Improving Breastfeeding Rates in Kentucky
The Strategic Plan for Improving Breastfeeding Rates in Kentucky [PDF]
This plan is for Kentucky breastfeeding supporters, policy makers, leaders, administrators, breastfeeding advocates, health professionals, and anyone with an interest in the health and future of Kentucky citizens. It is intended to be a blueprint for effective action to increase breastfeeding initiation and duration in Kentucky to meet or exceed the Healthy People 2020 goals.
Tweens Nutrition and Fitness Coalition
  • Better Bites
  • Good Neighbor Stores
  • School Wellness Action Plan (SWAP)
  • Body + Soul Lex
  • Water First
Unbridled Health: A Plan for Coordinated Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion [PDF]
This 2012-2016 plan represents more than 100 organizations united through shared vision and common commitment to the health and future of Kentuckians. A coordinated approach to chronic disease challenges stakeholders, community partners and decision makers not to do more with less, but rather to unite forces and do a few things well.
Farmers' Markets in Kentucky [PDF]
An introduction to promoting access to healthy foods in Kentucky through the use of farmers' markets.
Kentucky's Vision for Worksite Wellness [PDF]
Learn more about Kentucky's plan to provide access to healthy foods and physical activity opportunities to employees and their families through comprehensive worksite wellness programs in all public and private organizations.
Kentucky's Vision for Early Care and Education [PDF]
Learn more about Kentucky's plan to improve access and quality of healthy foods and beverages, screen time limits, physical activity opportunities and breastfeeding support in early care and education settings.