Kentucky communities thrive when we accommodate for all modes of transportation, whenever and wherever possible. By providing communities with targeted training and technical assistance, capital support, and networking opportunities, we will increase the number of Kentuckians who live in walkable and bikeable communities.
Many people in Kentucky have limited opportunities for physical activity. Improving the infrastructure and policies around transportation reduces roadway fatalities and injuries, improves air quality by lowering the impact of air pollution. Better air quality helps by preventing health problems, including respiratory issues, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Access to safe active transportation, such as walking and bicycling, also encourages socialization and promotes economic development. Walking is one of the most basic and popular forms of physical activity for adults because it doesn’t require special skills or expensive equipment. Walking can be incorporated into any busy lifestyle. Walking or bicycling can uniquely be used as a practical exercise, allowing residents to get physical activity while performing daily routines. Walking or bicycling to work, to the grocery, to school and to many other locations enable people to be physically active while doing regular daily task.

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Step It Up
, is a pledge to increase walking and bicycling by building places/communities where being physically active is not only safer and easier, but also more engaging and fun! By joining Step It Up, you are contributing to a statewide walking movement that supports the Surgeon General’s call to action to create a culture that supports walking and bicycling for Americans of all ages and abilities. Together we can take steps to make every community in the Commonwealth a great place to walk/bike. For more information, please visit  
Pedestrian and Bicycling Plans are the first step to making communities more walkable and bikeable. These detailed plans engage community members and identifying priorities for creating a safe and attractive walking and biking environment for people of all ages and abilities. These plans, as created and adopted by local governments, will serve as official documentation of your community’s need and readiness for improvements to active travel/recreational facilities. Having these plans developed to a certain level of readiness provides opportunities to apply for funding to design and/or complete these projects. For more information, please visit the ;Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s Pedestrian & Bicycle Program.