The Partnership for a Fit Kentucky (PFK) is a team of leaders, administrators, advocates, health professionals, and community members who care about the health and future of Kentucky citizens. We are a dynamic public/private partnership which supports the Kentucky Department for Public Health’s Obesity Prevention Program. Our mission is to support policy, environmental, and system changes that promote healthy eating and active lifestyles.

Generic Resources

Kentucky Obesity Fact Sheet [PDF]*updated December 2015*
Find out the current nutrition, physical activity indicators as well as the status of obesity in Kentucky.
Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky
  • Kentucky Health Coalitions Directory
  • Health Data Reports
  • Available Grants and Training Opportunities
Kentucky Youth Advocates
  • Kentucky Kids Count: County Data Book
  • BMI Monitoring for School-age Children
  • Complete Streets
  • Shared-Use Agreements
Microclinic International
  • Spread the Health Appalachia
  • Team Up 4 Health
Shaping Kentucky's Future: Policies to Reduce Obesity [PDF]
This report is for Kentucky policy makers, leaders, administrators, advocates, health professionals and anyone who cares about the health and future of Kentucky citizens. It is designed to educate and inspire discussion. The policies are intended to be a blueprint for effective action to lower obesity rates in Kentucky.
Shaping Kentucky's Future: A Community Guide to Reducing Obesity, Local Success Stories [PDF]
In addition to statewide policies that support healthy habits, Kentucky clearly needs as many local anti-obesity initiatives as it can muster. That's what this report is about: Kentuckians working within their communities and schools to make sustainable changes in policies, environments and systems-changes that make healthy eating and regular physical activity the easy choice.
The Friedell Committee for Health System Transformation
  • A Campaign for a Healthier Kentucky

Tweens Nutrition and Fitness Coalition
  • Better Bites
  • Good Neighbor Stores
  • School Wellness Action Plan (SWAP)
  • Body + Soul Lex
  • Water First
Unbridled Health: A Plan for Coordinated Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion [PDF]
This 2012-2016 plan represents more than 100 organizations united through shared vision and common commitment to the health and future of Kentuckians. A coordinated approach to chronic disease challenges stakeholders, community partners and decision makers not to do more with less, but rather to unite forces and do a few things well.