OctIn case you need a reason to celebrate this Fall season…
We can give you five good ones!

1. Today is Child Health Day.

To celebrate #ChildHealthDay, spend time getting some physical activity with your children by going to the park, playing basketball or going on a family bike ride.

2. October is Farm to School Month.

#F2SMonth is all about recognizing the powerful benefits of farm to school efforts – it benefits people (farmers and kids), the planet and our local economy. Check out some inspiring stories and great resources from the National Farm to School Network:

3. October 12th is Environmental Child Health Day.

The second annual #CEHDay is October 12th. Show your commitment to protecting children’s health by endorsing this day of awareness and taking action.  Share with your friends and colleagues and spread the word: Together we can achieve a society where all children have access to clean air and water, safer and healthier foods, and safer toys and products!

4. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

In October we want to take the time to bring awareness to those affected by breast cancer. We know people whose diets are rich in plant-based foods have a lower risk of developing certain types of cancer. Think PINK and share this article that highlights the cancer-fighting nutrients found in pink and red fruits.

5. Happy Halloween!

From bobbing for apples to carving pumpkin, there’s plenty of ways to avoid the candy corn this fall season.  Check out these seven ways to safe and healthy this Halloween!

Adorable Young Family Enjoys a Day at the Pumpkin Patch.
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5 Reasons to Celebrate in October